No. 1-2017 (August) Summer 62 MB

  • Letter from the President – Victor Rehn (Finland)
  • Finding Your Way by Bowen Tang (Canada)
  • Music as an Inspiration by Arzu Şen (Turkey)
  • Reflections from Budapest Study Session by Hanna Mullis (Sweden)
  • IFHOHYP Talks by Bowen Tang (Canada)
  • #Hear2Stay Campaign Plan by Bowen Tang (Canada)
  • Invitation to “Share Your Experiences” and IFHOHYP AGM 2017


No. 3-2016 (November) Autumn 62 MB

  • Letter from the President – Victor Rehn (Finland)
  • Human Rights & CRPD by Bowen Tang (Canada)
  • My Life-Changing Experience at Summer Camp by Ediz Tekok (Turkey)
  • Greetings from Hong Kong by Yuki Poon (Hong Kong)
  • Education System and Support in Hong Kong for HOH People by Kate Wong (Hong Kong)
  • IFHOH Call
  • Chief Director of Study Session – Camilla Mattjus
No. 2-2016 (May) Summer 65.8 MB

  • Letter from the President – Sidsel Munkebo Hansen (Denmark)
  • Why I Joined IFHOHYP Board by Victor Rehn (Finland)
  • Europe without Barriers by Pavel Novikov (Russia)
  • Artist Gohar Petrosyan by Artashes Hovhannisyan (Armenia)
  • My Quieter Days by Aruna Chhantyal (Nepal)
No. 1-2016 (January) Winter 70.3 MB

  • Letter from the IFHOHYP Board – Alper Coskun (Turkey)
  • How I Became Vet? – Levente Mikesy (Hungary)
  • The Sound of Silence by Marcia Shury
  • Story of Muharrem’s Video by Sevgi Yuksel (Turkey)
  • The Voice of Silence in Armenia by Artashes Hovhannisyan (Armenia)
No. 2-2015 (October) Autumn 14.6 MB

  • Letter from the President -Sidsel Munkebo Hansen (Denmark)
  • IFHOHYP’s 1st Joint Board and Committee Meeting by Bowen Tang (Canada)
  • IFHOH on Education and Other Key Topics by Ruth Warick (USA)
  • HOH Girl Has Learned Chinese Language by Pavel Novikov (Russia)
  • Limitless Networking by Budi Loonen (Netherlands)
  • Future HOH Politician by Rasmus Draklader (Sweden)
No. 1-2015 (January) Winter 4.99 MB

  • Letter from the President -Sidsel Munkebo Hansen (Denmark)
  • Biographies of new board members of IFHOHYP
  • Information about committees
  • Peer support program for the Deaf&HoH Youth by Bowen Tang (Canada)
  • Live Subtitling of Pope’s speeches by Giacomo Pirelli (Italy)
  • To speak or to sign – struggling for identity by Nalwoga Hanifah (Uganda)
  • The eastern night – Bollywood by Beatriz Guasch and Sheila Cristobal (Spain)
  • Interview with uSound by editors of IFHOHYP newsletter
No. 2-2014 (October) Autumn 1.5 MB

  • Letter from the President Towards NEW IFHOHYP: challenges – and great opportunities
  • Get involved! IFHOHYP Board is seeking you!
  • Representation at the UN: IFHOHYP at UNICEF and the GPcwd: Engaging Youth with and without Disabilities
  • IFHOHYP at 7th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the UN CRPD
  • A Tribute in memory of Katerina Monakhova
  • Best Practices at Jugehörig
  • Being HoH in the University
  • The Hard of Hearing Mommy
  • World Conference Youth 2014
No. 1-2014 (April) Winter/Spring 1.1 MB

  • Invitation to Summercamp 2014 in Germany
  • Full inclusion of children and young people
  • 3rd hearing loops conference
  • Being HoH in the workplace
  • Challenges of getting young HoH involved
No. 1-2013 (November) Autumn 4.99 MB

  • Disability and World Bank Safeguards Campaign
  • Use the fact you’re HoH to have loads of fun!
  • AGM 2013 in Stockholm
  • Choose your committee!
  • Information from Japan, Tunisia and Uganda
  • Personal stories of successful HoH young people
  • Internship at European Parliament
No.:  1-2012 (July) Summer 4.99 MB

  • Editorial, what is new in IFHOHYP
  • IFHOHYP represented at European Youth Forum and at EUDY
  • The Global Partnership For Disability and Development Third Forum
  • Fresh view on European Youth Forum meeting
  • Study Session report and interview
  • Torn Between Two Worlds
  • CI Teens’ Summer Camp in UK
No.:  2-2011 (November) Autumn 4.3 MB

  • Editorial, what is new in IFHOHYP
  • UN High Level meeting on Youth – with captioning!
  • Training of facilitators for non-formal education
  • Fresh view on European Youth Forum meeting
  • Message from Japan
  • Invitation to IFHOH World congress 2012 in Norway
No.:  1-2011 (April) Spring 1.61 MB

  • Editorial: partying, smooching and networking how-to
  • IFHOHYP got a new Facebook Page
  • 2011 is the EU-China Year of the Youth
  • Youth, disability and employment: the last hired and first fired (News from the EDF)
  • The Map of Inclusive Examples – a report from Germany
  • World Flight for Hearing and development in the South Vietnam
  • Buju Summercamp 2010 in Germany
No.: 12-2010 (December) Winter 2.9 MB

  • Meet the Members
  • What has happened since AGM 2010?
  • Deaf and HoH finally work together
  • TV subtitling in Bulgaria
  • Conference on Disability and Personal
    Autonomy through Education, Employment and
    Universal Accessibility: a brief overview
  • IFHOHYP Summercap 2010
  • Living with a Cochlear Implant – when you are not
    young anymore!
  • Are we different or it is just an exception?
No.: 12-2009 (December) Winter 1.69 MB

  • IFHOHYP Study Session 2009 by Laura Scholler (Germany) & Adva Eichengreen (Israel)
  • IFHOHYP Summercamp 2010 in Switzerland
  • Announcement: AGM 2010 in The Netherlands
  • EU-UN cooperation in the struggle against all forms of discrimination… and a struggle for HoH to be visible by Karina Chupina, IFHOHYP President
  • Drawing to find the future! by Hanh Duong Phuong (Vietnam)
  • Budapest Human Rights Education Forum, October 2009 by Andrea Pietrini (Italy)
  • International Conference on Induction Loops in Winterthur, Switzerland by Sanne Osterkamp (The Netherlands)
  • Life with SmartLink FM system by Juraj Variny (Slovakia)
No.:  2-2008 (December) Winter 1.5 MB

  • Dear IFHOHYP members, volunteers and activists! by IFHOHYP Board
  • Congratulations to…
  • Call for volunteers
  • The EFHOH Board meeting in the Netherlands by Karina Chupina
  • Challenges and Hopes seminar by Muhammad Akram
  • Hard of Hearing and Deaf Israelis Under Fire by Karina Chupina
  • Training of Trainers For Diversity and Inclusion of Minority Youth course by Rinne Oost
No.:  1-2008 (November) Autumn 2.54 MB

  • NEWSFLASH by Karina Chupina
  • IFHOHYP AGM in Valencia, Spain by Juraj Variny and Lianne de Jonge
  • Invitation to AGM 2009
  • Summercamp 2008 in Slovakia by Juraj Variny
  • “I improved my English at the Summercamp very much” by Kristina Kratochvílová
  • Three days of IFHOH Congress by Karina Chupina
  • Training day on Funding for International Non-Governmental Organisations by Lianne de Jonge
  • DYS Training Course for Facilitators of Non-formal Education Activities by Juraj Variny
  • European Disability Forum Youth Committee – representing HoH young people by Karina Chupina
No.:  2-2007 (December) Winter 1.02 MB

  • Christmas’ card competition: the winners!!!!
  • IFHOHYP Study Session 2007 in Budapest by Lianne de Jonge
  • Building the Future of IFHOHYP – you can contribute! by Karina Chupina
  • Conference about the Rights of Girls and Women with Disabilities by María López García
  • EFHOH Annual General Meeting in Oslo, Norway, May 3-6 2007 by Karina Chupina
  • DYS Italian Language Course in Levico Terme/Italy by Laura Marti
  • My experience of the CoE English Language course in Ireland by Katerina Monakhova
  • Five minutes with …
No.:  1-2007 (October) Summer 1.11 MB

  • New Trends in Educating Hearing Impaired People by Svetoslava Saeva (Bulgaria)
  • AGM 2007 Bern by Lianne de Jonge and Juraj Variny
  • Deaf and HOH Advocacy in Poland by Karina Chupina, published at
  • Humour: Accomodating the normals with kind permission of Andrea Ray Chandler from his blog:
  • Five minutes with …
No.:  4-2006 (December) Winter 1.48 MB

  • Christmas’ card competition: the winners!!!!
  • Diversity Youth Forum Report by Andrea Pietrini
  • Youth conference organized by Unga Hörselskadade by María López García
  • 1st National Meeting of Young People with hearing disability in Spain by Silvia Castellón & Vanessa Migliosi
  • Education for Hard of Hearing people in … Slovakia by Juraj Variny
  • Five minutes with …
No.:  3-2006 (October) Autumn 523.63 KB

  • NEWSFLASH – what’s new in IFHOHYP?
  • IFHOH/EFHOH Annual General Meetings in Dubrovnik (Croatia) by Greet Penneman
  • Education for Hard of Hearing people in … Turkey by Berna Cibik
  • Course of English in Dublin 2006 by Frantisek Smolik
  • Summercamp 2006 in SPAIN!!!!! by María López García
  • Launching the “All different – all equal” Campaign in Italy by Vanessa Migliosi
  • Five minutes with …
No.:  2-2006 (September) Summer 394.74 KB

  • Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2006 of IFHOHYP
  • Remembering Strasbourg 2006
  • “Passion for flying” article written by Karina Chupina
No.:  1-2006 (March) 892.12 KB

  • Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2005 of IFHOHYP
  • Yana reports from Budapest!
No.:  4-2005 (December) 908.19 KB

  • EFHOH European comparison of subtitling
  • School and education for HOH in … THE NETHERLANDS
  • Youth Exchange SEE VOICES – HEAR SIGNS between Italy and Spain
  • Who, What, Where, When and Why at IFHOHYP
No.:  3-2005 (October) 649.4 KB

  • Summercamp 2005 in CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Education and school for HOH in … RUSSIA
  • Summary of the Final Meeting of the European Thematic Network on GENetic DEAFness
No.:  2-2005 (September) 303.06 KB

  • Study session approved
    by Council of Europe
    15th – 16th May 2005
  • 2007: “European Year of Equal
    Opportunities for All”
  • Announcement for
    Symposium “ All Different- not Indifferent”
No.:  1-2005 (April) 593.17 KB

  • AGM in the Netherlands May 5th-8th 2005
  • YOUTH exchange “Integration and Education of youth with disabilities YOUTH exchange “Integration and Education of youth with disabilities
    through Arts and Sports”, November 2004, Czech Republic.
  • School and Education for HoH people in ….
  • Bridges for Recognition Bridges for Recognition- promoting Recognition for Youth promoting Recognition for Youth
    Work across Europe by Karina Chupina
  • “IFHOHYP Board” are…..
No.:  2-2004 (October) 459.05 KB

  • AGM 2004 Minutes
  • IFHOH 2004 Helsinki, Finland 4-9 July 2004
  • Report on the Working Unit on DISABILITY organized in the “Europe,
    Youth and Globalisation” Event context
    Ideas and possible contributions to the Event
    from perspective of disabled youth
  • “IFHOHYP Board” are…..
No.:  1-2004 (April) 444.02 KB

  • School and education for Hard of Hearing People in… SWEDEN
  • When HoH People made History: Ludwig van Beethoven
  • HoH…ollywood
  • Annual Report 2003
  • Conference in Brussels “Access to the Information Society for deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people
No.:  4-2003 (December) X-Mas special 1.84 MB

  • Study Session 2003 – Report
  • Education of HOH people in… Italy
  • HOH people who made history
  • Budapest 2003 – Report
  • HOH…ollywood!
No.:  3-2003 (September) 459.4 KB

  • Study Session in Strasbourg – announcement
  • Nature and Culture in Gambia & Senegal
  • Summer Camp 2003 in Holland – Thoughts medley
  • Education and School for HOH people in… Bulgaria
No.:  2-2003 (June) 783.67 KB

  • Conference: “Towards a barrier free Europe for young people with disabilities”
  • School and Education for HOH people in… Belgium
  • About the IFHOHYP board
No.:  1-2003 (March) 435.78 KB

  • Gendeaf News
  • The Gendeaf project: An Overview
  • Don’t forget NEXT MEETINGS!
  • News from the world
  • Report from the ceremony of the European Year of People with Disabilities
  • New IFHOHYP Study Session in EYC, Strasbourg
No.:  1-2002 (December) 568.46 KB

  • The new logo!
  • Summercamp 2003 in Holland – announcement
  • EYC project in the framework of 2003 European Year of disabled people
  • Minutes of the AGM 2002 of IFHOHYP
  • Youth Exchange in Valencia, Spain
  • News from the world
  • Report from EFHOH Meeting at Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Summercamp 2002 Report in Klövsjö – Sweden
  • Updated IFHOHYP address board
  • New Brochures about IFHOHYP are out!
No.:  2-2001 (December) 501 KB

  • New, Successful Study Session
  • Danish Organisation Regain Funding
  • The History of Hearing Aids Before Electricity
  • Where to find information?
  • European Disability Forum
  • Report form the fourth World Youth Forum in Dakar
  • Summercamp 2002 Sweden – announcement
  • IFHOHYP Budget 1999 and 2000
  • Annual General Meeting 2002 will be in Holland
  • Open Space Technology
  • Special Event Toolbox
  • Campaign on Internet: Planning Sequence Guidelines
  • Home Page For UHSF
  • New Web Site About Hearing Issues
  • What does it mean to be hard of hearing