Membership Benefits


As IFHOHYP member organisation, you will –

  • Gain opportunities for personal and professional growth by learning new social and life skills
  • Improve your career chances through IFHOHYP international experiences and developing intercultural competences
  • Influence the implementation of the UN CRPD for hard of hearing youth worldwide!
  • Be able to send your representatives to the high quality training courses of the Council of Europe (with recommendation from IFHOHYP)
  • Be able to nominate your representatives to the IFHOHYP Board and take part in decision-making
  • Make your voice heard in the European Disability Forum, International Disability Alliance, Global Partnership on Disability and Development
  • Make your voice listened to by the key global players in disability and disability rights field
  • Benefit from our activities, summer camps, , events on international level, training courses and language courses
  • Establish new partnerships and contacts for your local and international projects and events, gaining expertise and skills through sharing experiences with other IFHOHYP members
  • Receive information on IFHOHYP upcoming events and various issues and events in the world of hearing disability
  • Be able to disseminate information on your organization/organization’s projects, to express your views on hearing disability through our newsletters and by adding a link of your organization to the IFHOHYP website
  • Have a right to send delegates as well as observers from your organization to the AGM to take part in decision-making process and influence IFHOHYP policy
  • Last but not least: Becoming a part of a huge international network of hard of hearing and disability organisations!

Members of a Member Organisation of IFHOHYP will …

  • Can take part in our activities such as summer camps, training courses and language courses, as well as in events on the international level from out MOs
  • Contribute to IFHOHYP work through your good practices, experience, developing of new ideas and maintaining the dialogue between IFHOHYP members
  • Have a right to participate in the AGM as a delegate from your MO and take part indecision-making process and influence IFHOHYP policy
  • Develop skills in organizing awareness-raising events and campaigns on hearing disability
  • Find friends for life and discover new opportunities!