Shape the future – join IFHOHYP now!

As IFHOHYP member organization, you and your members will…

  • Take an active role in bringing about meaningful change for youth with hearing loss worldwide
  • Influence the implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities that takes into account the needs of hard of hearing youth
  • Support mainstreaming of disability issues in youth policies, and mainstreaming of youth and disability in all policies
  • Support visibility of Hard of Hearing Youth and make your voice heard at international level – IFHOHYP has, at different time been represented in the Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth, European Youth Forum, European Disability Forum Youth Committee, Global Partnership for Disability and development. It also cooperates with the UN, International Disability Alliance and World Bank.
  • Gain opportunities for personal and professional growth: enhance your career chances through international experiences and developing intercultural competences
  • Empower hard-of-hearing youth by sending your representa- tives to high quality training courses of the Council of Europe as well as to various international youth- and disability-related events with recommendation letters from IFHOHYP
  • Be able to nominate your representatives to the IFHOHYP Board and take part in decision-making in IFHOHYP
  • Be able to send your representatives to IFHOHYP Study Ses- sions and seminars to develop such useful skills as teamwork, advocacy, campaigning, fundraising, project and organizational management.

Together we can make a difference!