A.Fa.M.U.T. (Italy)


Via Piave, 108
38100 Trento

Voice: +39 461 237450
Fax: +39 461 237450
E-mail: afamut@tin.it

The A.Fa.M.U.T. organization is the association of the families of hard of hearing and deaf children in Trentino region (Associazione delle Famiglie dei Minorati dell’Udito Trentine). It was founded in 1970 with the following aims:

  • to establish a mainstreaming process in order to include hearing impaired children and boys/girls in public schools at all levels and universities;
  • to develop good and updated methods of oral rehabilitation in order to get good speech skills;
  • to assist and help the families to overcome every day problems;
  • to help the integration/inclusion of the hard of hearing and deaf subjects in the society in which they live;
  • to help hearing impaired youth to look for a job and to help them to integrate in the background in which they work.

Nowadays, hearing impaired youth of Trentino attend public schools at every level of education and they receive all assistance they need, e.g. supporting teachers, note-takers, qualified personnel such as experts of speech therapy, etc.

The A.Fa.M.U.T. organization establishes, develops and keeps contacts to speed up the authorities in order to get human and material resources for the developing of needed actions to reach the aims described above.
In particular, now the A.Fa.M.U.T. is following the application of the new labour law: n.68/1999 which impose the employment of 7% of disabled people (hearing impaired include) and help them to integrate themselves in the world labour market.

To help the integration of hearing impaired youth in the society in which they live, the A.Fa.M.U.T. organizes the following activities:

  • project about put a compulsory newborn screening of hearing loss on all newborn children in all Hospitals of Trentino region;
  • courses about the navigation in internet;
  • conferences with the participation of parents and physicians about cochlear implant;
  • courses for improving the pronunciation and oral speech with TXT program on the computer;
  • course about general culture and up-to-dated news of what it is happening in the society and in the world in order to keep a good attitude towards studies, because after finishing the school for the hearing impaired is very easy to forget what it has been learned.

The A.Fa.M.U.T is associated to FIADDA organization that is the national organization of the parents. FIADDA is also associated to the European organization of the parents: FEPEDA.