Kuulonhuoltoliitto ry (Finland)

Kuulonhuoltoliitto ry

Ilkantie 4
00400 Helsinki

Voice: +358 9 58031
Fax: +358 9 5803331
E-mail: info@kuulonhuoltoliitto.fi
Web site: www.kuulonhuoltoliitto.fi

The Finnish Federation of Hard of Hearing represents the interests of hard of hearing and deafened adult persons and their families. The hard of hearing means all people who have a hearing loss and whose usual means of communication is by speech.
FFHOH is a national organisation with 8 districts and 90 local associations and it has 15.000 members in Finland. Young members who are under age if 30 FFHOH has about 500.

The main aim of FFHOH is to improve the equalization of opportunities for hard of hearing and deafened adults in the society. FFHOH reaches this goal by interest work in a large content, rehabilitation and prevention. FFHOH has also an official magazine for members, Kuuloviesti.

FFHOH is member of IFHOH (International Federation of Hard of Hearing people), IFHOH-Europe and NHS (Nordic Council of hard of hearing people), IFHOHYP(International Federation for Hard of Hearing Young People) and NAS (Nordiska Audiologiska Sällskapet).

Youth work of FFHOF is a part of the organization. There are 4 working groups with different amount of members: communication, affection work, international and local happenings. the Youth board has five members, including chairman. HOH young people in Finland have own webpages in Finnish at www.moottorikorvat.net and own magazine called UP.