SH-Jong (The Netherlands)


PO Box 130
7620 AC Borne
The Netherlands

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SHJO changes into SH-Jong!

We transformed the name of our organisation in SH-Jong! This change in name shows our new start, with new directions, new possibilities and new opportunities!

Message – slogan

The message of SH-Jong compromises of three corner stones; being Young, being hard of hearing and developing your possibilities.

This comes together into our slogan: CHALLENGE LIFE

Do not limit your ambitions and possibilities! Even with hearing loss you can achieve your own personal goals. Share your experiences and ways to overcome problems with other hard of hearing young people! This is who we are: SH-JONG.

SH-Jong is an active organisation for and managed by, hard of hearing young people between 12 and 30 year. SH-Jong organises activities which aim to have contact with each other and to have a good time together. Further, we aim to strengthen our possibilities, to provide information and to come up for our rights.