International Federation of Hard Hearing Young People


IFHOHYP is an international non-governmental federation for national and regional youth  organizations that arededicated to hard of hearing young people throughout the world and is independent of sex, race, religion, national-ity and politics. Our greatest priority is improving the quality of life of hard of hearing youth worldwide and promoting equal rights for hard of hearing young people at all levels of society. IFHOHYP specializes in meeting the changing needs of hard of hearing young people. We raise disability awareness on national and international level through activities run by and for hard of hearing young people aged from 18 to 35.
The work of IFHOHYP is carried out on three levels: political, inforational, and educational providing personal and professional development opportunities for members. IFHOHYP is the only international youth disability organization which is actively cooperating with the Council of Europe an intergovernmental organization that works toward humanrights, democracy and promoting cultural dialogue in Europe. IFHOHYPalso works closely with an Advisory Council of Youth within the Council of Europe, a statutory body comprised of 30 representatives that can affect the political agenda of the youth sector and other sectors of the Council of Europe. IFHOHYPis an associate member of the European Disability Forum and closely coorperates with EFHOH and IFHOH.

Who is Hard of Hearing?

In IFHOHYP, there are young people who mainly rely on hearing aids, oral speech and  lip-reading, and those who have become totally deaf after acquisition of speech. Verbal language is sometimes supported by sign language, depending on the individual’s abilities.