Bonaventura-C.V. (Spain)


C/ Portal de Valldigna, 5-2a
46003 Valencia

Voice: +34 96 3925948
Fax: +34 96 3923126
Web site:

What is Bonaventura C.V.?

  • It’s an organization without spirit of profit and apolitical.
  • Linked to University level, social voluntary in Bancaja, Youth Council of Valencia, IVAJ, social well-being, HELIX federation, city halls, ASPAS collaboration (organization of hard of hearing’s parents and friends), CADE, youth participation platform of Alaquàs, collaboration agreement with CEDAT and the advice centre for disable students of the Valencia University, IFHOHYP (International Federation for Hard Of Hearing Young People), and other organizations and federations.
  • This organization has been awarded by the social Council of the Valencia University in the 9th Conference of the University-Society, for being the best organization in sociocultural university cooperation (May 1998)

The essential objective is to search get the attention and aid for all the hard of hearing people in their education, society adaptation, family, proffesion and problems that deafness presents.

  • To get the complete integration of hard of hearing people.
  • To promote the University formation.
  • To promote the labour formation and introduction of hard of hearing young people.
  • To serve as a social group where people could identify with and had some reference in their carrying out.
  • To keep in contact with the other similar organizations (national or international).
  • To guard the hard of hearing people rights.

To serve as a demand channel representation and introduction in the face of the public services for getting the aids, subventions…

Technical character

  • Attention and professional and technical advice for the hard of hearing person, to the Bonaventura’s members and all the hard of hearing people relationed.
  • Promotion of the associative action among the members.

Associative character

  • Meetings guied to the Bonaventura functioning, in accordance with the statutes.
  • Representation and participation in autonomic, national and international congresses.
  • Collaboration with other European countries
  • Presence at conferences, etc.
  • Participation in international congresses. Informative exchange with hard of hearing entities and organizations.
  • Hard of hearing young people exchanges.
  • Participations in European projects.

Courses organised by Bonaventura:

  • Course of dynamic search of job.
  • Course of lip-reading.
  • Course of lip-reading in English language.
  • Course of industrial machines.
  • Course of lip-reading in Valenciano language.
  • Others.