Jugehörig (Switzerland)


Geschaeftsstelle IGGH
Belpstrasse 24
3007 Bern

Contact person: Alwin Sutter –President
E-mail: jugehoerig@gmx.ch
Web site: http://www.jugehoerig.ch

Jugehörig: Junge Gehörlose und Hörbehinderte der IGGH
Society of young deaf and hard of hearing people

We are a small society for young deaf and hard of hearing people. Jugehörig has got about 14 active members. Jugehörig was founded in 1998 and was at first a working group of a community of interest for people with a hearing disabilty. In February 2008 Jugehörig was established as a society. However, we are getting still assistance from IGGH, a self-help community of interests and from pro audito schweiz, the national assocation of hard of hearing people in Switzerland. The members of Jugehörig are all either deaf or hard of hearing. Most of us are speaking, but some use sign language as well.

Our aims
We try to improve our situation in different areas: Education, work, leisure time and technology. We examine different questions which affect the life of young deaf and HOH people. For example:

  • What are the needs for young deaf and HOH people?
  • Is there enough support for young deaf people who are integrated in state schools?
  • Is it possible for someone with hearing impairment to attend a public vocational school or an university? How are the ideal conditions?

We also fight for general facilities and assistances for deaf and HOH people. Such for augmentation of subtitles in television or for more loop wiring systems in public places.

Our projects
We take part in many presentations and sessions which deal with hearing impairment. For example we participate in further trainings for teachers of state schools. We inform by telling from our experiences and give useful recommendations for the everyday life at school.

Moreover, we also encourage the contact between young deaf and HOH people. We created the “Project cont.act” through which arranges contacts between young deaf people. This is especially useful for young people who like to exchange their experience in school and at work and give each other support. Or those who were always integrated and never have been in touch with young HOH people.

We organise once or twice a year a leisure weekend and offer the chance to get to know other people and enjoy various activities. Besides the weekends, we have a once a month a meeting point in Berne. There is also the possibilty to participate an exchange weekend between jugehörig and “Jugru München” in Germany, which is organised from time to time.

Although we are now an assocation, the number of active members is small. This is because our members are all actively working for jugehoerig and attend regularly the meetings. However our acitivites (weekend, course, meeting point) are open for everyone.

Our website is held in German though you can take a look at our activities. If you have some questions, do not hesitate to ask us.