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Why join IFHOHYP?

As IFHOHYP member you will be a part of network of young, energetic and inspired people who believe that hard of hearing individuals have a right to full-fledged life on equal terms within the society. Who believe in equal opportunity and possibility to advance disability rights; who believe that hard of hearing person should be an active member of society rather than passive recipient of state care and charity.

As IFHOHYP member you will:
  • Benefit from our activities, summer camps, training courses and language courses, events on the international level;
  • Establish new partnerships and contacts for your local and international projects and events, gaining expertise and skills through sharing experiences with other IFHOHYP members;
  • Receive information on IFHOHYP upcoming events and various issues in the world of hearing disability, through IFHOHYP regular Newsletters and publications;
  • Be able to disseminate information on your organization/organization's projects, to express your views on hearing disability through our newsletters and by adding a link of your organization to the IFHOHYP website;
  • Have a right to send delegates from your organization to the AGM to take part in decision-making process and influence IFHOHYP policy;
  • Contribute to IFHOHYP work through your good practices, experience, developing of new ideas and maintaining the dialogue between IFHOHYP members;
  • Help us to organize awareness-raising events and campaigns on hearing disability;
  • Find friends for life and discover new opportunities!

If your organization want to be a member of you have any questions, please contact Karina Chupina.

Be a part of the future - join IFHOHYP today!