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Council of Europe Questionnaire on Accessibility
Monday 21 June 2004

In the framework of its activities in the field of the rehabilitation and integration of people with disability, the Council of Europe has established a new Committee of experts on Universal design (Accessibility) which held its first meeting in Strasbourg on 17-19 May 2004 and to which all Council of Europe member states were invited.

To achieve its goals, Committee of experts needs accurate information on the current situation of Universal Design/Accessibility for people with disabilities in all 45 member states of the Council of Europe. To obtain this information, the Committee has elaborated a questionnaire that you will find enclosed and which is being sent to all member states. The questionnaire is sent to you, as a national contact point for the rehabilitation and integration of people with disability.

You are very welcome to fill in the questionnaire (regarding accessibility for hard of hearing in your country) and return it to Karina at!

Since the questionnaires should be submitted by European Disability Forum members by September 10, Karina asks you to send questionnaires directly to her before September 8 - in order to compile + send them together as a concrete contribution from IFHOHYP which is EDF member. Your organizations'
contribution will be mentioned.

Many thanks for active work in advance

Microsoft Word document Council of Europe Questionnaire on Accessibility (size: 113 KB)