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SummerCamp05 in Czech Republic!
Saturday 8 January 2005

IFHOHYP, Czech Union of the Deaf and Czech Republic SummerCamp team are pleased to announce the SummerCamp05 in the Czech Republic!

The SummerCamp05 will be held from August 6th to August 21st 2005. We will spend the weekend (6th-8th) in the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague and then in Strelske Hostice (8th-21st), 150 km south of Prague.

The SummerCamp05´s spoken language will be English.

The cost of the participating in the exciting SummerCamp05 is 390 Euros for IFHOHYP NON-MEMBERS and 350 Euros for IFHOHYP MEMBERS.

We welcome applications from all over the world, but only 62 participants will be accepted if they pay the 200 Euros deposit by the deadline (31st of January 2005).

You can pay 200 Euros deposit by the second deadline (31st of March 2005), but the total amount of charge will be 370 Euros instead of 350 for members and 410 Euros for non-members. If somebody will want to pay later (the second deadline), must inform us, because „dead registration“ will be take off (after 31 of January).

The basic requirement of all applicants is to be aged between 18 to 37 and to be hard of hearing or deaf.

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