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Symposium "All Different - Not Indifferent"
Thursday 4 August 2005

- IMPORTANT for HOH youth organizations -

“All Different – Not Indifferent” Symposium will take place in Strasbourg, European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe this October. Symposium includes preparations for the next year’s campaign “All Different – All Equal” 2006. We will try to involve IFHOHYP as an international youth disability organisation in this Campaign as much as only possible.

This is a real chance for IFHOHYP and HOH youth concerns to be heard on the European and international levels!

In this case, it will be the first time ever when IFHOHYP contributes to the anti-discrimination, intolerance and anti-racism youth Europe-wide Campaign of the Council of Europe!

Make it happen!

Deadline for application to the Symposium is September 5, 2005. Please write to Karina Chupina in case you would like to apply to the Symposium through IFHOHYP and need an IFHOHYP support letter. Priority in sending candidates is given to IFHOHYP member organisations.

Microsoft Word document Information & application (size: 178 KB) 

See below for the forwarded message about "All Different - Not Indifferent"

Dear friends,

We are happy to send you the call for application for the "Symposium "all different - not indifferent", the manifestations of racism, anti-semitism, xenophobia and intolerance and their impact on young people in Europe today" organised from 26 to 30 October 2005 at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg.

The symposium is part of the Human Rights Education Youth Programme. It was included in the 2005 programme in order to mark and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the European Youth Campaign and, especially, to review the realities of racism, discrimination and all forms of intolerance today and how they affect young people.

You will find attached the description of the symposium and the application form. If you are interested and concerned by the issues raised at the symposium and by the campaign, please send your application form and the support letter either by post, mail or email to the European Youth Centre Budapest.

The French and Russian versions of the symposium presentation and application form will be available soon on our website

Should you have any questions regarding the symposium, campaign and Human Rights Education Youth Programme, please do not hesitate to contact Secretariat of the European Youth Centre Budapest.

Kind regards,

Natalia Miklash
Human Rights Education Youth Programme
European Youth Centre Budapest - Council of Europe
Zivatar u. 1-3, H-1024 Budapest