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Council of Europe Award "Young Active Citizens" - 2005: "CITIZENSHIP THROUGH EDUCATION"
Tuesday 18 October 2005

Council of Europe Award "Young Active Citizens"


For the forth year running, the Council of Europe is organising the "Young active citizens" Award with a view to promoting active participation of young people in society.

The Young Active Citizens Award aims, in particular, to encourage cooperation between local and/or regional authorities and young people. Any concrete and sustainable measure, action or project implemented at local and regional levels, focusing on the participation and citizenship of young people is welcome to apply.

The general objectives of the Award are:
  • to promote innovative initiatives at local and regional levels, for the promotion of active participation and citizenship (including European citizenship) of young people;
  • to contribute to the implementation of the Council of Europe Charter on participation of young people in local and regional life and of the priorities of the youth sector;
  • to highlight and disseminate examples of good practice;
  • to increase the visibility of the youth sector and the work of the Council of Europe.
The theme of the 2005 Award

The Council of Europe has decided to proclaim 2005 the European Year of Citizenship through Education. The Organisation wishes to draw attention to the crucial role education plays in developing active citizenship, democratic culture and social cohesion. The Council of Europe also wishes to underline that all aspects of education is a lifelong learning process, whether it concerns formal education or non-formal education.

The Council of Europe "Young Active Citizens Awards 2005" is aimed in particular to give a deeper feeling of being a European citizen to young generation. To know more about Education for the democratic citizenship and the European Year, you may consult our Web-site at the following address:

In 2005, as a contribution to the European Year of citizenship through education, the Award will focus on concrete examples of educational methods and tools which are used for promoting young people's active citizenship, and raise awareness of European citizenship. Such methods and tools could be, for example educational and training materials, audio-visual productions, games, CD-ROMS, publications, leaflets, brochures, etc., which can be used to educate and train young people in areas such as:
  • active participation in the local community
  • awareness -raising of European citizenship
  • understanding of Europe's cultural identity and diversity
  • Preparation for the living in a multicultural society;
  • Commitment to human rights and democracy;
  • Etc.

The project should be carried out in one of the 48 states party to the European Cultural Convention;

The applicant should be a youth organisation/network or a local or regional authority. Priority will be given to projects that are be organised in co-operation between young people and local/regional authorities;

The projects should be implemented between 1st January 2004 and 30th September 2005;

The projects should be carried out by, with and for young people between 16 and 30;

The applicant should used the appropriate application form and procedures as presented below.


The Jury are members of the Programming Committee of the European Youth Centres and the European Youth Foundation, as well as the Council of Europe Director of Youth and Sport or his/her representative, and one representative of one or two other bodies that are relevant to the theme of the Award .

  • Deadline for the submission of projects: 30th October 2005.

  • Meeting of the Jury for the selection: December 2005.
  • Award ceremony: at the Council of Europe. Further details in this respect will be provided at a later stage.

Two representatives of each of the winning projects will be invited to receive their prize at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

The first winning project will be offered 2000 € and a diploma.

The second winning project will be offered 1000 € and a diploma.

The third winning project will be offered 500 € and a diploma.

How to apply?

Please, complete the attached application form, in English or French, and send it by 30th October 2005, to "Council of Europe Award Young Active Citizens", at the following E-mail address Tel. 00 33 3 88 41 39 56.

See also at the website

Microsoft Word document Application form - CoEA (size: 22 KB) 
Microsoft Word document Guidelines for the applicant - CoEA (size: 34.5 KB) 
Microsoft Word document General rules - CoEA (size: 32.5 KB)