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RECALL for participants for IFHOHYP study session
Wednesday 8 March 2006

IFHOHYP Study session:

"Safeguarding Human Rights of youth with hearing disability - how to cope with violence and discrimination in education and employment?"

Information from IFHOHYP - The Study Session Team

When: 23 - 30 April
Where: European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

NEW Deadline: 14th March 2006

We need more applicants and from a larger number of countries to secure the geographical and gender balance of the study session. We would also like to give opportunity to apply for those who did not have time to apply before March 5.

Therefore we make a second deadline for applications - March 14!

So...please disseminate this call as widely as possible and invite your colleagues to apply!

We look forward to active work and fun in Strasbourg with YOU!

Go ahead, guys!

On behalf of study session team,
Karina Chupina (course director)

Short information about the Study Session

The aim of the study session is:
to empower and train young hard of hearing activists to develop, implement and multiply assistance tools and associative strategies aimed at combating discrimination and violence in mainstream education and employment.

Objectives through which the aim will be achieved:
  • To identify and review specific problems and discriminatory practices hard of hearing young people across Europe face in education and employment
  • To enable participants to understand and explore the concepts of discrimination, Human Rights Education, minority youth participation, social inclusion, non formal education as tools to increasing employability and integration
  • To inform participants about relevant activities of the Council of Europe Youth Directorate and about the European Youth Campaign « Diversity, Human Rights and Participation »
  • To enable participants to design and implement projects aimed at social inclusion and combating various forms of disability discrimination
  • To provide participants with an opportunity to create tools of assistance and strategies for coping with discriminatory practices
  • To provide participants with information on fundraising and other support for their projects aimed at working against discrimination
  • To build partnerships and motivate participants to take concrete action against discrimination on local, regional, national and international levels
  • To multiply these tools and strategies in local communities and educational institutions, NGOs and in the workplace
Read the attachments about the Study Session!

Microsoft Word document IFHOHYP study session 2006 information (size: 94.5 KB) 
Microsoft Word document IFHOHYP study session 2006 application (size: 51 KB) 
Microsoft Word document IFHOHYP multimedia production project 2006 (size: 76 KB)