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Win a US$500 award from YouthActionNet to help fund your social change project!
Friday 31 March 2006

Win a US$500 award from YouthActionNet to help fund your social change project!

Information from Karina Chupina

Are you the founding member of a youth organization that coordinates volunteer efforts in your local community? Do you lead a team of dedicated young people to protect and promote the rights of children in your country? Are you spearheading a web-based initiative aimed at connecting underprivileged youth in your region? Do you work with peers and local officials to raise AIDS awareness and promote public health initiatives in your area? If you're a young person working to bring positive social change in your community, YouthActionNet can help.

YouthActionNet is now giving awards to youth leaders and their emerging projects that promote social change and connect youth with local communities. These youth-led projects should have clearly defined goals and have potential for growth or further replication. Final selections are made following a peer review process in which previous award winners select the next round of awardees. Award recipients will receive US$500 and are eligible to participate in an international capacity-building workshop.


YouthActionNet is proud to bring you the YouthActionNet Awards with the support of the following organizations:

World Organization of the Scout Movement
World Young Women's Christian Association
World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts
Global Youth Connect
International Award Association
Mandate the Future
Do Something
Global Kids

  • Open to all young people aged 18 - 29
  • Individuals applying must have a leadership role in a youth-led initiative that works to create positive change in their community
  • Applications must be written in English
Awards Schedule

The YouthActionNet Awards will now be held once a year. The timeline for the new YouthActionNet Awards is as follows, effective immediately:
  • Deadline: April 15, 2006
  • Winners announced: July 30, 2006
All applicants for the December 2005, YouthActionNet awards will be eligible the April 2006 YouthActionNet awards.

*See application for complete terms and conditions

Applications may also be sent by mail or fax to:

c/o International Youth Foundation
32 South Street, Suite 500
Baltimore, MD 21202 USA
Tel: +1 410 951 1500
Fax: +1 410 347 1188

Only applicants who have been selected to receive an award will be notified through email. We are unable to provide all applicants with a response at this time.

For questions and comments or to submit applications via email, contact

The YouthActionNet Awards are supported by Make a Connection, a global initiative of the International Youth Foundation and Nokia.