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Information about the situation of the federation for hard of hearing in Austria
Thursday 1 June 2000

After the logging-off of director Hans Maier in the year 1998, a provisional board was elected, who tried to clarify the existing irregularities. The board was active until November 1999.

At the general assembly on 26.11.1999 a regular Board with completely new members was elected. After now again a cooperation was ensured, the associations "Vox-Schutzverband", "Austrian Tinnitus League", "Cochlear Implant Society", "VGSS" and different groups of self-helps in Upper-Austria, Styria and Vienna joined the OESB.

Important Activities:
  • To build up the OESB as an Roof-Organisation for Groups and Associations, who are working for Hard of Hearing People. Correction of the bad Image, which was caused by Mr. Maier in and outside Austria.
  • To build up groups of self-helps in Upper-Austria and Styria.
  • To force the use of the Induction-Loops in Vienna, Graz, Weiz, in the Banks in Graz and Weiz, Tourismus-Office in Graz, churches in Vienna, Styria, Upper-Austria and Lower-Austria, at Meetings „Graz erzählt“, „Vereinigte Bühnen in Graz“, Cinemas in Vienna, Museum in Vienna, Kongresscenter, Educational facilities etc.
  • To work out Guidelines for correct planning and installation of Induction loops. Making of Folders, to hold Lectures, Symposium etc.
  • Sensitization of architects and planners for hear-fair accoustic in cooperation with international Specialists.
  • Making of Advertisement and Folders to the Themes: Buying Hearing Aids, Handling with HoH-People, Hard of Hearing, Induction Loops, OESB, etc.
  • Build in of a Induction Loop in a Car in May 1999, maybe the first car in Europe, Proclamation in the Internet and News.
  • Build in Induction Loops in Touring buses, Vienna, March 2000.
  • Making a Study about hear-fair Buildings in Graz in order of the local government. The Brochure „Graz unerhört“ was printet in a number of 1200 pieces and sent to all political and cultur-political responsible persons also to all Organisations working for handicapped persons. The Town Graz will build Induction Loops in many public and cultural Buildings. Graz and Styria are going to submit the OESB from 2001.
  • Study trip of the president to Germany, Denmark and into Switzerland in the autumn 1999 to raise the international standard, new technologies and educational measures.
  • Cooperation at the committee " a fair traffic system for Graz ",development and representation of standards for the visualization of the passenger information. Transfer of the suggestions by the Grazer Traffic Company starting from autumn 2000 in 18 new Tramways (with 6 monitors in each one).
  • Planning and implementation of a hear-obstruct-fair configuration of all styrian hospitals: IndukTive technology in spaces and with telephones, indication of all documents, visualization of the callsystems in Ambulances, training and information of themaintenance personnel about handling HoH-People.
  • Development of two-day advanced training seminars for the maintenance personnel in hospitals, homes and in the house nursing in cooperation with the Austrian maintenance federation.
  • Lectures and short seminars on the accomplishment of Hard of Hearing concerning handling HoH-People in municipalities,associations and educational facilities. First occurring at theAustria day for handicapped ones in the autumn 1999 in Graz.
  • Collaborate with the EC-project „Barrier-Info-System“ concerning hard of hearing people and with the project „anti-discrimination of the disabled in Austria“.
  • Collaborate with the planning and transaction of the 11. International ecumenical congress for heavy-slave-ministration of the 18. until 22.September 2000 in Vienna, transaction of two symposia, („defective hearing in the age“ and „construction-acoustics and hearing-primordiums“, as an Pre-Programm to the congress.
  • Foundation of the work-community of Austrian heavy-slave-ministration (AÖSS), Feber 2000.
  • Contacts to authorities and clubs: Austrian senior-association, Ö-Norm-Institut in Vienna, educational establishment for social occupations respecting education-concepts, ÖAMTC, Österreichischer Zivilinvalidenverband, ÖAR, Bunte Rampe-Graz, Biceps-Vienna.
  • Cooperation with clubs in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.
  • Cooperation with experts and firms: Construction - and Raumakustiker, Ing.Sturma & Partner KEG Vienna, AvisoCom Vienna, Fa. Human-technology, Fa. ITEC, Fa.Oticon and Logia in Denmark, Fa. AB-Transistor in Sweden, different accousticians and hearing aid-firms like Phonak, Oticion, and others.
  • Build-up an advisory center for hard of hearing in Graz, Weiz and Birkfeld.
  • Build-up of a paper for heavy-slave-ministration in Graz, installation of an induction-loop, with telephone-connection, in the advice-office.
  • Cooperation in the study group „Graz culture-capital of Europe 2003“, planning of measures for improvements hearing-damaged people in the public and cultural are
  • Member in the advisor of the Styrian area-health insurance company. For the first time we have the possibilities to bring in our Suggestion.
  • New contacts and reception from conjunctions to the IFHOH and IFHOH Europe through the board member Oliver Stiger (Treasurer ÖSB).
I can say, that the ÖSB and our honorary workers are really trying hard to determine HoH-Peoples Situation and Needs and give help to the handicapped ones.

Hans Neuhold