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Changes in the AGM programme + application deadline! - Phonak tour offered
Tuesday 23 January 2007

Changes in the AGM programme + application deadline! - Phonak tour offered
Information from Jugehörig and Karina Chupina

Dear all,

Please see a very important update about a tour offered by Phonak a day BEFORE AGM starts. This tour will take place on April 5. This means that if you would like to visit Phonak factory, see new technical production for hard-of-hearing and meet Phonak experts, you should arrive one day earlier i.e. on April 4. This does not bear any costs for you, meals and accommodation for the evening of April 4 + day of April 5 will be covered by Phonak as agreed between Phonak and IFHOHYP.

Please read the information below as well as in the updated attachments (new information in red).

In case you have not applied yet for the AGM, please use the NEW application form attached. Due to additional programme day, the deadline for application is now changed to February 8.

In case if you have already applied for the AGM, please write to Laura Marti and indicate whether you will come on April 4 and take part in Phonak tour, or not.

NEWS!!! Optional Programme on Thursday 5th April during the day

As you remember, we told you that the arrival for AGM is on April 5.

However, before the official beginning of the AGM we now offer you an optional programme on Thursday 5th of April. On this day a visit is organised to Phonak communications factory in Murten, starting from morning.

IFHOHYP president Karina Chupina met with Swiss expert from Phonak communications in St.Petersburg. Karina explained to Mr. Hans Mulder about IFHOHYP and its activities, she invited him to visit AGM in Switzerland and to learn more about IFHOHYP and needs of HoH young people. Mr. Hans Mulder in turn offered to organise a tour for you – AGM participants – to the Phonak communications factory!

Phonak branch in Murten develops and processes wireless systems. Murten is a beautiful medieval town and is situated an half an hour away from Bern. Pick-up from Bern to Murten will be organised.

During this day following things are planned: audiological introduction to problems of speech understanding in noise and state of art solution, presentation of wireless products by Phonak (hands-on-experience), factory tour and discussion about the (technical) needs of young hard of hearing people.

And did you know that Phonak is official supplier of Alinghi, defender of 32nd America's Cup? Just check out the website

This visit is especially made for you. It is a chance to get in touch with experts and to bring your own suggestions for future developments.

NOTE: If you wish to participate this extra visit we recommend you to arrive a day earlier, in the evening of Wednesday the 4th of April. Phonak will underwrite the additional night at the hostel. There will be no extra costs for you, accommodation and meals will be provided for this and next day.

Microsoft Word document Invitation to AGM Switzerland - UPDATED (size: 266 KB) 
Microsoft Word document Application form - UPDATED (size: 33.5 KB)