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NEW EU Youth in Action Programme since 2007
Wednesday 17 January 2007

NEW EU Youth in Action Programme since 2007
Information from “Module International” (Jan van Hove) and Karina Chupina

Dear youth workers and active youth organisation members,

Besides the New Year's wishes that we are receiving with pleasure, we also would like to pass our best wishes to you for a good 2007, a year with a lot of pleasure and warmth, but also a successful year with a lot of international youth projects.

As you might know, in 2007 the YOUTH IN ACTION programme is coming as a follow up of the previous Youth programme from the European Commission.

To inform youth project organisers about this new programme, and to support youth workers in undertaking projects in YOUTH IN ACTION, "Module International" has created a website about the new programme, with a lot of links to support sites, a forum, a database of websites of project,…

The website is made by trainers and youth workers in the "Module International"-training courses. You can visit the website via www.action1. eu, www.action2. eu, www.action3. eu, www.action4. eu and www.action5. eu.

In this website, you can find
  • information about the general procedures and criteria, and the specified info for each sub-action
  • a search engine that you can use if you need to find quickly something
  • FAQ's: some answers to frequently asked questions (like for example how to deal with VISA's)
  • A forum in which you can post yourself questions and answers
  • A database with project websites: you can find here some websites that were made by youth workers for there project, and you can post yourself also some weblinks if you have made a website of your project
  • A download-section in which you can download the logo's, the programme guide, application forms,…

The aims of this website are:
  • to provide the information about the new programme in a way that youth project organisers can find it in a fast and accessible way (without that they need to read a book before they can find the answer)
  • to provide answers to questions about the new programme and its actions and to make the technical side better known
  • to provide some concrete hints and tips, coming "from the practice" on questions that they have (like: how can i deal with visa, how can i put intercultural learning inside a project,...)
  • to promote the websites that project organisers have made / are making for there projects in order to increase the visibility of it

Feedback on the website, with hints how to improve it, is always welcome on jan @

We hope that you will use this website for the further development of your projects!

Have a happy new year, and successful projects in YOUTH IN ACTION !