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IFHOHYP Newsletter Xmas 2005
Friday 23 December 2005

Information from IFHOHYP - The Newsletter committee

  • EFHOH European comparison of subtitling
  • Breaking news (see also below)
  • School and education for HOH in ... THE NETHERLANDS
  • Youth Exchange SEE VOICES - HEAR SIGNS between Italy and Spain
  • Who, What, Where, When and Why at IFHOHYP

IFHOHYP application for project grant "What it is like to be young and hard of hearing in Europe?" was approved by the Council of Europe! The project includes production of Multimedia CD-roms and brochures on various important issues for hard of hearing youth and adults in Europe and in the world. It aims to spread awareness on the needs and rights of hard of hearing people, and provide information on relevant services, organisations, international institutions and technology. We plan to pay some fees to the volunteers (designers, programme-developers, programmists, multimedia specialists, writers of articles on HOH issues, publishers, editors).

If you are interested to take part in creating a Multimedia CD-rom/leaflets/brochures, write to us! Write to Karina Chupina,,

Look at the Newsletter page
AFSAI - International Newsletter October 2005
Wednesday 16 November 2005

Information from AFSAI

No-Profit Organization for the promotion of international youth mobility and intercultural education

Look at
European Disability Forum Traineeship Scheme for young Disabled Activists
Wednesday 16 November 2005

The European Disability Forum, the umbrella organisation of the European Disability movement, is seeking to recruit a young disabled activist to undertake a five month traineeship within the EDF secretariat, a very prominent and active European NGO. The Trainee will acquire practical experience in the development and operation of EU disability policy and EU decision-making. The Traineeship will start 23 January 2006.

Closing date for receipt of applications: 5 December 2005

Documents from the Annual General Meeting of IFHOHYP
Wednesday 16 November 2005

Finally the documents are online!

These are the documents from IFHOHYP's Annual General Meeting, held in May, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Click here to see the documents
IFHOHYP Newsletter - Autumn 2005
Wednesday 26 October 2005

Information from IFHOHYP - The Newsletter committee

  • Summercamp 2005 in CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Education and school for HOH in ... RUSSIA
  • Summary of the Final Meeting of the European Thematic Network on GENetic DEAFness
  • More news

European Youth Center, Council of Europe, Strassbourg, France

"Safeguarding Human Rights of youth with hearing disbility:
how to cope with violence and discrimination in education and employment"

Look at the Newsletter page
The international holiday meeting for HOH and late deafened in City Wehlen/Germany 3.-13.8.2006
Wednesday 26 October 2005

Information from EFHOH

As already during the last years in England, Austria, Finland, Switzerland and Slovenia, we also want to invite to the international holiday's meeting for hard of hearing and late deafened to Germany in nice "Saxon Switzerland" on the Elbe.

Deadline for applications is 3Oth NOVEMBER, 2005

See the attachments or look at

Note: this announcement comes from adult EFHOH organisation (meaning that it is not for young people)

Microsoft Word document Invitation application - English (size: 56 KB) 
Microsoft Word document Registration form (size: 20.5 KB) 
Microsoft Word document Hotel description - English (size: 158.5 KB) 
Council of Europe Award "Young Active Citizens" - 2005: "CITIZENSHIP THROUGH EDUCATION"
Tuesday 18 October 2005

For the forth year running, the Council of Europe is organising the "Young active citizens" Award with a view to promoting active participation of young people in society.

The Young Active Citizens Award aims, in particular, to encourage cooperation between local and/or regional authorities and young people. Any concrete and sustainable measure, action or project implemented at local and regional levels, focusing on the participation and citizenship of young people is welcome to apply.

Enjoy Your Future
Tuesday 18 October 2005

Information from Enjoy Your Future

The news across Europe for youth and youth organisations

Youth organisations - please pay attention to the information about EU YOUTH Support programme under "Conferences, Seminars, Call for papers" section.
You can apply to the EU YOUTH programme (See message title: European Commission - Youth - Support Measures) before 1 November 2005 for organising international youth exchanges, meetings, other projects.

Look at
Declaration of 7th Conference of European Ministers mentions young disabled people!
Thursday 6 October 2005

Information from Karina Chupina, IFHOHYP President

It is an achievement that disabled youth is explicitly mentioned in the Declaration "Human Dignity and social cohesion": youth policy responses to violence" of the 7th Conference of European Ministers Responsible for Youth.

It is also especially important as the IFHOHYP study session "Safeguarding human rights of youth with hearing disability: how to cope with violence and discrimination in education and employment" was approved by the Council of Europe and will be held on 23-30 April 2006. More information about the study session will follow.

Note that this document is a good food for thought for our study session theme.

See also here

Cantabria+10: II International Photography Contest for Young People
Thursday 6 October 2005

Information from Karina Chupina, IFHOHYP President

If you are between 15 and 30 years old and you are resident of any European country, then you can take part in this contest. The theme of the contest: photos that reflect the way of life of the young people in different parts of Europe. There are 22 awards to be won.

Each participant can submit one digital or print picture per category, taken in her / his country of residence. There are 9 general categories (working conditions, education, volunteering, urban life, sport, social exclusion, friendship, leisure, countryside life) and 2 special categories (Euromed and Cantabria).

Deadline for submitting the works: 1 November 2005.

All information regarding the details of the competition (photos format, awards, delivery address) is available on the Cantabria@Europa 's website
Equality and non-discrimination - European Commission Annual Report 2005
Tuesday 27 September 2005

Information from Karina Chupina, IFHOHYP President

The 2005 Annual Report on Equality and Discrimination is now available for download in English, French and German (with all other languages to follow). Published by the anti-discrimination Unit of the European Commission, the report looks at the progress, which has been made over the last year in anti-discrimination legislation and policy both at EU and Member State level. Part one of the report looks at where Member States are at in implementing the two anti-discrimination Directives. It also presents a users guide to the Directives looking at the different forms of discrimination covered, where exceptions are allowed and what the Commission can do if a Member States fails to properly implement the laws.

Part two looks at the situation of the Roma - now the largest ethnic minority in the EU.

Click here to read the Annual Report 2005
IFHOHYP Newsletter - Summer 2005
Tuesday 27 September 2005

Information from IFHOHYP - The Newsletter committee

  • Study session approved by Council of Europe
  • EUROPEAN YOUTH SUMMIT WARSAW 15th - 16th May 2005
  • 2007: “European Year of Equal Opportunities for All"
  • Announcement for Symposium “ All Different- not Indifferent”
Look at the Newsletter page
Enjoy Your Future
Friday 23 September 2005

Information from Enjoy Your Future

A wealth of information about opportunities for young people in Europe - grants, scholarships, master and PhD programmes, trainings, conferences, meetings!

Look at
Design for All - Text phones: Mandatory vs. voluntary approach
Thursday 8 September 2005

Information from ANEC Newsletter; Number 72 - July/August 2005

Early this year, the European Commission consulted interested parties on the proposal of a regulation that will oblige manufacturers of text telephones to ensure that they are compatible with new and legacy models. ANEC expressed its complete support for the initiative aimed at enhancing access for older people and people with disabilities to electronic communications (ANEC2005/ICT/015). Present text phones are often not interoperable. This means that a deaf person living in a European country cannot call a friend in another country.

As a follow up, the European Commission Telecommunication Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance Committee (TCAM) organised a workshop on the inclusion of accessibility requirements in emerging mainstream communications technology on 27 June 2005 in Brussels.

Title book: The status of sign language in Europe (2005)
Thursday 8 September 2005

Information from Council of Europe - Bookshop online

Author(s): Nina Timmermans
ISBN: 92-871-5720-0
Format: 16 x 24 cm
No. of pages: 164
Price: € 17 / US$ 26

This title is available in English and French


There are an estimated one million deaf people in the member states of the Council of Europe. Sign languages are the indigenous languages of deaf people. In addition, many of their family members and friends use sign language as a second or foreign language, as do some hearing-impaired people. Sign languages are languages in their own right, with their own grammar, lexicon, syntax, etc.
There is no single, universal sign language and these differ from each other just like spoken languages.

Invitation: I Euroforum on volunteering: "Shared challenges in the EU-25"
Tuesday 30 August 2005

The Foundation for Solidarity and Voluntary Work of the Valencian Community (FSVCV) is pleased to invite you to the I Euroforum on volunteering: "Shared challenges in the EU-25", scheduled to take place on 3-4 November 2005 in the city of Valencia (Spain).

The I Euroforum on volunteering aims to be a platform for reflection and coordination between public bodies both European and non-European and Non-profit Organizations, so as to exchange information, good practices, experiences and concerns, with the overall objective of promoting volunteering and solidarity within the European Union.

For more information about this conference, please consult the Euroforum's brochure and the following Web site:

Registrations are now open at:
Call for Participants: Training Modules on European Citizenship 4-6
Monday 22 August 2005

Information from SALTO-YOUTH South East Europe - Resource Centre

The Council of Europe has announced another 3 Training Modules on European Citizenship in the framework of the Partnership Programme on European Youth Worker Training, Research, Youth Policy and Euro-Med Cooperation. The Training Partnership held the first 3 training modules between December 2004 and February 2005 and launches 3 more Modules in 2005. Each training module focuses on one important aspect of the concept and practice of European Citizenship. There will be common elements that all of the modules address, and there will be a specific focus for each of them.

Application deadline: 20 September 2005

Call for participants
Application form

Call for participation: UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2005
Monday 22 August 2005

Information from UNESCO - Section for youth

Young artists from around the world are invited to take part in this year's award devoted to the theme of ‘Cities and creative media’. Organized in collaboration with Art Center Nabi (Seoul, Republic of Korea), the award program specifically aims to encourage young emerging artists to cultivate new forms of expressions using new media and technology to envision how urban spaces and city environments could be transformed into creative outlets.

The submission deadline is 14 September 2005. All project proposals should be submitted online at the official website of submission, where participants will also be able to find further information (description of sub-themes, general guidelines, submission criteria, etc). All submissions should be in English.

The total prize money is US $10,000 ...

Training Course "Global Youth Work"
Thursday 4 August 2005

Information from Natalia Miklash - Human Rights Education Youth Programme European Youth Centre Budapest - Council of Europe

Please find attached a call for applications to the Training Course “Global Youth Work”, Mollina, 12 – 19 October 2005 organised by the North-South Centre and the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe.

Deadline for applications is 1 September 2005. Please send all your enquiries and/or application forms along with the support letters to the North-South Centre (contact details are in the attached documents).

Adobe Acrobat document TC Global Youth Work 2005 course presentation final (size: 475.51 KB) 
Microsoft Word document Application form Global Youth Work TC final (size: 158.5 KB) 
Symposium "All Different - Not Indifferent"
Thursday 4 August 2005

- IMPORTANT for HOH youth organizations -

Symposium will take place in Strasbourg, European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe this October. Symposium includes preparations for the next year’s campaign “All Different – All Equal” 2006. We will try to involve IFHOHYP as an international youth disability organisation in this Campaign as much as only possible.

This is a real chance for IFHOHYP and HOH youth concerns to be heard on the European and international levels!

In this case, it will be the first time ever when IFHOHYP contributes to the anti-discrimination, intolerance and anti-racism youth Europe-wide Campaign of the Council of Europe!

Make it happen!

Deadline for application to the Symposium is September 5, 2005. Please write to Karina Chupina in case you would like to apply to the Symposium through IFHOHYP and need an IFHOHYP support letter. Priority in sending candidates is given to IFHOHYP member organisations.

Microsoft Word document Information & application (size: 178 KB) 

World Summit Youth Award (WSYA)
Wednesday 3 August 2005

Information from UNESCO - Section for youth

We would like to inform you about the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) - a competition celebrating best-practice youth projects - organised by the World Summit Award and the Youth Caucus of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

The WSYA is an international competition for youth-led projects aiming to bridge the content gap in the emerging Information Society. The initiative promotes best practice in e-content and technological creativity and demonstrates young people’s potential to create digital opportunities. WSYA is not only a showcase for young designers, technologists and e-content creators, but seeks to contribute to sharing knowledge, protecting the environment, reducing poverty and empowering marginalised young people.

For the inspiration of IFHOHYP people and action!
Wednesday 20 July 2005

Information from Fred Fay -- JUSTICE FOR ALL -- A Service of the American Association of People with Disabilities

Click here to read in Word document
New project - Human Rights in the context of disabled people
Wednesday 20 July 2005

Information from Damian Dudala, Youth worker/Trainer/Author of this project

I'm going to prepare an application form of new project - training-course "Human Rights in the context of disabled people" in Poland. This project I would like to do in the beginning 2006 (January or February). Here is an Microsoft Word document Application form (size: 91 KB) . It's very important! I would like to get more information about you, yours organizations, activities, ideas etc. The informations are absolutely essential to program, principles of the training course etc. Please fill in the application form. Deadline for this application form is 29 July 2005 (Friday).
New board members
Tuesday 10 May 2005

During the AGM 2005 in Holland the following persons have been elected as one of the board members:

Christi Menheere from The Netherlands as Secretary

Greet Penneman from Belgium as Treasurer

Noora Penttinen from Finland as Auditor
Free information on anti-discrimination activities in the EU
Sunday 1 May 2005

The European Commission has set up a contacts database in the framework of the Community Action Programme to combat discrimination. By registering your details you will receive periodic e-mails informing you of new funding opportunities, publications, events and other activities linked to non-discrimination activities in the EU. You can also sign up to receive copies of publications by post.

Sign up now via the web page

This database is managed by GOPA-Cartermill on behalf of the European Commission - Unit for anti-discrimination and relations with civil society. If you have questions, you can contact the non-discrimination team at GOPA-Cartermill via

Jana Hainsworth
Project manager
Disability Discrimination Summer School 2005
Saturday 30 April 2005

This Summer School is the first of its type in Europe to focus on anti-discrimination legal issues on the ground of disability and it runs from 4-15th July 2005. It will focus on the potential of the European Union Framework Directive on Employment in the context of disability. The Framework Directive is the single most important legal instrument at the European level combating discrimination on the ground of disability. Its success or failure will be crucial to the cause of advancing the rights of persons with disabilities in Europe.

Microsoft Word document Promotional Flyer.doc (size: 109 KB) 
Microsoft Word document Promotional Poster (size: 86 KB) 
Microsoft Word document Teaching Programme (size: 122 KB) 

Training Course - Development & implementation of participation projects at local & regional level
Tuesday 5 April 2005

6 - 17 June 2005 in European Youth Centre Strasbourg.

The main aim of the course is to facilitate the development and implementation of participation projects at local and regional level by young people already active in local and regional life based in the principles promoted by the revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life.

Application forms must reach the EYC Strasbourg by 14 April 2005 at the latest.

"recommend to apply to this course in order to learn how to strengthen work for hard of hearing youth at local and regional level. Please check that you suit the profile of participants. If you apply, please contact the IFHOHYP Board for issuing a support letter. IFHOHYP will support you. Priority in IFHOHYP nomination is given to applicants from IFHOHYP member organisations."

See the Microsoft Word document attachment (size: 156.5 KB)  for more information.
AGM 2005 will be held in The Netherlands
Monday 21 March 2005

De Organisatie van Slechthorende Jongeren, SHJO welcomes the current and future member organisations of IFHOHYP to participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Utrecht!
The AGM will be held 5th8th of May 2005. SHJO offers bed and board and some thematic workshops will be arranged by the AGM organisers and IFHOHYP Board.

See the Microsoft Word document attachment (size: 36 KB)  for more information.
International Youth Leadership Event 'Young people taking the lead in social change'
Thursday 20 January 2005

Dear friends,

We would like to draw your attention to an upcoming International Youth Leadership Event 'Young people taking the lead in social change', organised by the Government of South Australia and the Australian National Commission to UNESCO.

This event will take place from March 1-4 2005 in Adelaide, South Australia and brings together a broad range of young people aged 18-25 years from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
We need your input for the IFHOHYP study session!
Tuesday 18 January 2005

Want to know what the next study session is about?

Please have a look and leave your comments at the
Forum index > IFHOHYP activities > Study session
EC launches two new calls for human rights projects
Tuesday 18 January 2005

The Europe Aid Cooperation Office of the European Commission has recently published two new calls for proposals in the framework of the European initiative for Democracy and Human Rights.

1) Combating Racism, Xenophobia, & Promoting the rights of Minorities:
published on 11/01/2004, deadline 12/04/2005

2) Support for promoting the rights of Indigenous Peoples: published on
11/01/2004, deadline 26/04/2005
Training Course Conflict Transformation and Multi-Cultural Youth Work
Tuesday 11 January 2005

Training Course
Conflict Transformation and Multi-Cultural Youth Work

31 March – 11 April 2005
European Youth Centre

In multi-cultural situations and environments, culture and cultural differences are often perceived as being an important or even key factor in the development of conflicts between people, communities and organisations. But, just how important are cultural aspects in the development of conflicts and later in efforts to transform them? And in a youth work context, what does it take to understand conflicts and eventually intervene in them? The course will address a variety of conflict types, but will primarily focus on societal conflicts, including those relating to the politics of belonging, questions of legitimacy, socio-economic inequality, distribution of social resources, wealth and opportunity, the apparent crisis of the multi-cultural society, minority-majority relations including conflicts arising around issues of racism, anti-Semitism and Islamobhobia.

Apply 31 January 2005 at the latest!!!

Microsoft Word document Profile and Aims of the Course Application Form (size: 164 KB) 
SummerCamp05 in Czech Republic!
Saturday 8 January 2005

IFHOHYP, Czech Union of the Deaf and Czech Republic SummerCamp team are pleased to announce the SummerCamp05 in the Czech Republic!
Membership fee 2005
Saturday 8 January 2005

At the AGM-2004 in St. Petersburg, Russia, delegates voted that the amount is 200 €.

See the link below for an explanation about the new membership fee sytem.
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