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The IFHOHYP newsletter will be published 3 to 4 times a year and is composed by the Committee Newsletter.
In the Newsletter you will find information about coming activities and/or news from memberorganizations, our partners together with different articles and interviews.
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No.:  4-2006 (December)Winter1.48 MB
  • Christmas' card competition: the winners!!!!
  • Diversity Youth Forum Report by Andrea Pietrini
  • Youth conference organized by Unga Hörselskadade by María López García
  • 1st National Meeting of Young People with hearing disability in Spain by Silvia Castellón & Vanessa Migliosi
  • Education for Hard of Hearing people in … Slovakia by Juraj Variny
  • Five minutes with …

No.:  3-2006 (October)Autumn523.63 KB
  • NEWSFLASH – what’s new in IFHOHYP?
  • IFHOH/EFHOH Annual General Meetings in Dubrovnik (Croatia) by Greet Penneman
  • Education for Hard of Hearing people in … Turkey by Berna Cibik
  • Course of English in Dublin 2006 by Frantisek Smolik
  • Summercamp 2006 in SPAIN!!!!! by María López García
  • Launching the “All different – all equal” Campaign in Italy by Vanessa Migliosi
  • Five minutes with …

No.:  2-2006 (September)Summer394.74 KB
  • Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2006 of IFHOHYP
  • Remembering Strasbourg 2006
  • “Passion for flying” article written by Karina Chupina

No.:  1-2006 (March)892.12 KB
  • Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2005 of IFHOHYP
  • Yana reports from Budapest!
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