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Research Project and Publication

"Hard of hearing young people in Europe: developing strategies on access
to equal participation, social inclusion and protection of human rights."


  1. To conduct research on access to social inclusion for hard of hearing young people in different countries of Europe
  2. To use results of the research for improving the situation for hard of hearing young people in Europe:
    • to raise public awareness,
    • to translate the research findings into concrete policy recommendations in order to influence decision-makers on national, European and international levels
    • to address the relevant decision-makers on national, European and international levels
    • to issue publications with the results of the research findings and policy recommendations

The research focuses on social inclusion of hard of hearing young people and deals with discrimination and access in the areas of education, employment, social and cultural life.

Purpose of the project in short and long-term IFHOHYP programme:

IFHOHYP long-term goals are to provide support and training to hard of hearing youth, empower them to work towards full participation in society. IFHOHYP develops recommendations on the rights of young people with hearing loss  to European bodies and assists policy formulation.

The Research Project will identify changing needs of hard of hearing youth in Europe - and integrate results in policy recommendations. Results will be sent to the respective national parliaments and the European institutions. Research results will enhance work of IFHOHYP member organizations and help them to express their concerns towards states effectively. Comparative analysis across Europe will give NGOs, national and European bodies an understanding of how the States can effectively implement UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, the Council of Europe Disability Action Plan and the EU Disability Strategy 2010-2020, while considering the specific needs of hard of hearing young people and adults.

This is a start of the work that can be followed up after several years in order to analyse the progress of the UN CRPD implementation and monitoring, change of attitudes towards youth and adults with disabilities and the level of inclusion of people with disabilities in the society. This effort fully contributes to the overall aim of IFHOHYP – inclusion of young people with hearing loss.

The Research methodology is based on extensive quantitative questionnaires for young people with hearing loss as well as qualitative interviews for the experts in the field of hearing loss, NGO activity, integration and rehabilitation.

The IFHOHYP Research project was completed in Serbia by CRID - see Adobe Acrobat document Survey on the situation of hard-of-hearing young people in Serbia (size: 534.91 KB) . It is being currently conducted in Russia and Germany with the help of active volunteers. More countries will join the project in the future, depending on the availability of human and financial resources.