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8th Study Session - European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France from 15-22 November 2009

Training facilitators for inclusion

The aim of the study session was to develop and improve facilitation competences of hard of
hearing young people
in order to strengthen their capacity to prepare and run international and
national non-formal learning training activities
targeted at raising awareness on disability and social

Objectives of the study session:

  • To explore the concepts of non formal learning, human rights education and social inclusion;
  • To introduce the Council of Europe's educational tools that can be used for facilitation;
  • To develop skills for facilitation in non-formal learning (teamwork, conflict management,
    communication, programme design, and public speaking);
  • To provide space to practice facilitation skills;
  • To reflect on one's own facilitation competences;
  • To develop competences needed for running educational activities for/with hard of hearing
    young people;
  • To motivate participants to continue their development as facilitators/trainers and to empower
    them to motivate hard of hearing youth to get active in their organisations and to work for
    social inclusion;
  • To contribute to the creation of a network of facilitators working on issues related to youth,
    disability and social inclusion.

Team of the study session:

Noora Penttinen, Course Director, Finland

Karina Chupina, IFHOHYP President, Russian Federation

Christi Oost-Menheere, The Netherlands

Rinne Oost, The Netherlands

Juraj Variny, Slovak Republic

Dariusz Grzemny, Educational Advisor, Directorate of Youth and Sport, Council of Europe

Adobe Acrobat document Report (size: 1011.22 KB)