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Summer Camps

Back in the early days of the Federation the Summer Camps were the backbone of the organisation. About 1967/68 some young Danish and English hard of hearing people held a holiday together. They found this to be such a good idea that they decided to form a Committee. The main object for this Committee was to make sure that there was held a Summer Camp each summer.

This was the beginning of IFHOHYP. Today, however, has the original idea of having a recreation together developed and matured into many different concepts and shapes. But the main concept has always been the same - to bring hard of hearing young people from different countries together, so that they can get to know each other as well as the environment and culture of the place where the camp is being held.

Nowadays, each year one of the member organization of IFHOHYP will organize a great summercamp for hard of hearing young people.

During the Study Session in 1999, a group hard of hearing young people made a rough guidelines for the planning and preparation of a Summer camp.

Upcoming Summer Camp
Proposals for organisation of next Summer Camp(s) are welcome! Contact our Board or AGM.

Summercamps in the past:

The Summer Camp Diary

Are you wondering what is happening at a IFHOHYP summer camp? Well, here you have the opportunity to read what has happened at the Summer Camps from 1984 till 1998. We hope the summer camps will be continued in the future and more countries will be taking part. It is always an unforgettable time for everyone taking part.

We wish you very much reading pleasure.