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Summer Camp 2002 in Sweden

The Summercamp took place in the land of midnight. It took place in the northern part of Sweden, a small village called Klövsjö. Many special theme-nights with great food and entertainment such as fishing, climbing, canoeing and much more were arranged.

The undermentioned story about the Summer Camp 2002 is written by Christi Menheere from the Netherlands.

Summercamp 2002 in Klövsjö - Sweden (8 July – 21 July)

The first day we waited for the bus to go to Klövsjö. It is about 5 hours travelling from Stockholm. In the bus there were 46 hard of hearing young people from everywhere – Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and of course also Sweden. In the bus we made our homework for the leaders. Yes, about making poems and traditional events in our own country. Very useful to do this for time-wasting in the bus.

Finally we arrived at Katrina Wärdshus in Klövsjö. Everybody looked for their stuff and go inside of the soup. Later on the evening the leaders told us about the strict rules during the summercamp ;-). No, something cultural rule that we have to follow: BE ON TIME. Could be very difficult for southern country. But anyway…. In bed we learned the names of the leaders all night.

The next morning we learned each other in the meeting room (after 1 hour I remember only the last two names and my name) and after lunch we did sightseeing in Klövsjö. A beautiful guy, called Benny, told the history of the area. After short walking we were in the market with a lot of handmade things, like hat, candles, towels, etc. But also old handicrafts was to see there in a old store near the market. We visited the church and from the highest place we saw a beautiful landscape. At dinner we got typical Swedish Smörgåsbord. Everybody got ready for the pub.

Wednesday we had workshops – teambuilding, newsletter, cooking, website, theatre and dance -. We had to choose for one workshops during the summercamp. I choose for theatre. We thought and prepared the scene for the last day to show to everybody. In the afternoon we had multiactivities (climbing, golfing and horse-riding). I did horse-riding. It was long time ago that I did it. It was very exciting. We were with small group riding on the way, through the forest, over the water, up and down and galloping for a while. But I I I fee el mor re s sha k king onnn m my h ho hor sse. Finally I dropped down on the ground and went back to the accommodation. In the evening we have had free time to do. So go to sauna or bubblebath….!!!

The next morning we “must” go in the water. Well, the weather wasn’t very nice, but we prepare ourselves with life-coat and the canoe in the water. We canoed a while. Everybody went to their own way – criss-cross over the lake. It was fine, also for your skills of long time ago. After lunch we went to the Go-Cart. What that is? It is CARTING in small car. Four hours long we could cart, but of course I have to wait for my turn. Some goes fast, some goes slow, some tedious, some exciting, some wrong way, some lose wheel, some out of the road or some did clumsy. During the cart the rain comes down, more and more. But no one took care of the weather whenever it was his own turn.

Friday was a long water day for everybody. The weather co-operated with us (very good leaders). At first walking or bicycling to the place where we were the day before. So that time was a foretaste (Did I know that??). Take the life-coat and the canoes. At first the leaders explain us how to work with stupid sculls. “Ohhhh… say that yesterday!!” - I thought. We have to follow along the bank of the lake. The length of the file became more and more bigger. The first canoe arrived in one hour and the last in two hours. Finally I could rest on the beach with my lunch. Everybody played in the water, with ball, or fishing far from the beach. Later in the afternoon we have to go back where we were in the morning. My arms were tired, I couldn’t do anything. But I canoed, canoed, canoed and canoed back. When we were at the accommodation we prepared ourselves for supper “a la international”. Everybody dressed in beautiful clothes.

Yes, I was sleeping all day, because my legs were sunburned. Very pity, because the next day was BiCanRunSwi competition. I gave my name for this competition with my Dutch team, but luckily other Dutch boy, called Paul, could take over my place. He knows what happens there.

PANG! 13 o’clock is the time to start of ultimate competition BiCanRunSwi – Biking, Canoeing, Running, Swimming. One of the hard working Vikings. It is very great. Yesterday everybody could give their name for the competition. Every group get a number. The Dutch group was Chris (biking), Marco & Paul (canoeing), Johan (running) and Silene (swimming). It was very hard working… but really exciting to do this with great pleasant and fun. After the match everybody got a nice price for 128 people. We weren’t the only one on the competition. No, also other camps or family or friends of the area.

In the evening we prepared for a typical festival with Swedish dance at the old homestead. They called “logdans”. In summercamp newsletter there is written about this:

“Logdance is a typical Swedish event. You dance on live music; waltz, foxtrot and bugg. You don’t have to know these dance, you come far with a bit imagination and improvisation on the dancefloor. The main thing for a dance like this is to have a lot of fun! At a logdance there are many variously ages among the people, some may be about 10 or even younger, and the older ones are up to, perhaps, 60-70 years old. It’s a nice “tradition” where young meets old.”

Sunday was almost a long free time. So we could do something what we want, like biking, walking, playing cards, melting in sauna or relaxing in bubblebath.

For the next day, so Monday the 15th July, it was planned to go to Östersund by bus. At first we went to the moose-garden to visit the mooses. Some of us could give milk to the young mooses. Very fine to see and enjoy how sweet they are. After visiting the moose-garden we were driven to Jämtlands museum. There we could see how people lives in old houses times ago. Then it was time to shop in the centre. It was a fine day with sunny weather.

Tuesday is the same like past Wednesday. So we worked in the workshops and have choose to do horse-riding, golfing or climbing.

I can tell you more about the rest of the days, but I keep it shorter now. Some of the activities, that we did during the other days, were stations of activity like hitting the fake moose with a pin, throwing with an axe, skeeting and teambuilding with a very big rope. Other activity was a special way of fishing. It was very fine to do that. Also we did hiking from up to down (so not from down to up and then down). So it was easy for us.

The day before the last day everybody showed something of the workshop. The cooking group gave us speciality food from some countries. The dancing group showed us the dance that they learned during the workshop. The theatre group showed small scene of each countries with their traditional things such as the Belgium scene with Flemish chips, different languages and the “Manneke Pis”; the Dutch scene with red-light district, bicycle, tulips, marihuana; and the Italian scene in the restaurant with pizzaman and the vain maffiaman. It was very funny for everybody. Also we imitated the leaders. In the evening we had chic dinner in the restaurant. After that we went to the last party of the summercamp with a lot of drinks and dancing all night.

When I could say good morning, everybody was preparing the baggage. After breakfast we took the bus to go back to Stockholm. Saying goodbye on the airport and go home.

That was my story about summercamp. So it was GREAT, FUN and JUST ON TIME. I want to say to the organisators of this summercamp: Thank you for my great holiday in Sweden!!!

To download the report: Microsoft Word document Sweden - summer camp (size: 602 KB)