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Important: IFHOHYP seeks its representative in the Advisory Council on Youth, Council of Europe!
Tuesday 12 September 2006

IFHOHYP seeks its representative in the Advisory Council on Youth, Council of Europe!
Information from IFHOHYP - the Board

Dear All,

As you know, since this year IFHOHYP is represented in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe. This is a very important structure that makes an impact on the youth policy-making in Europe as well as on the overall agenda of the Council of Europe Youth Sector and its other Directorates.

This is the first time ever that IFHOHYP is represented in the AC. It is a big success for IFHOHYP that gives start to important lobbying work for next years. When Vanessa Migliosi, former IFHOHYP President, was representing European Disability Forum in the Advisory Council, in cooperation with IFHOHYP Board she lobbied for Disability theme to be on the agenda of the Council of Europe large event “Europe, Youth and Globalization”. Lobbying was a success; Disability workshop held at this Event was one of the most popular workshops ever and largely contributed to awareness-raising about young people with disabilities.

Johan Bijleveld was an IFHOHYP representative in AC since 2006 but had to leave due to his increased job commitments.

Therefore, we are urgently looking for the new IFHOHYP representative in AC.

What is an Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe is the statutory body of the Council of Europe that comprises 30 representatives of non-governmental youth organisations and networks. It provides opinions and input from the youth NGOs on all youth sector activities and ensures that young people are involved in the Council’s other activities. See more at, “Structures”.

What is the role of IFHOHYP representative in AC?

As IFHOHYP representative, Johan Bijleveld was supposed to:
  • work on youth issues, youth policy and agenda of the Council of Europe Youth sector
  • to raise disability concerns and integrate them in the youth matters of the Council of Europe.

NB: IFHOHYP is the only youth organisation in AC representing disability AND youth.

The role which is generally expected from AC-members is:
  • To give your opinion and discuss themes related to youth policy + politics that are raised at the AC meetings;
  • To represent interests and concerns of your organisation;
  • To attend the meetings of AC twice a year, usually from Wednesday to Friday (total of about 6 days a year);
  • Attend other international meetings on behalf of AC. This will take a few days a year;
  • Eventually be a member of Bureau of AC or member of Programming Committee. The Programming Committee on Youth is a co-decision body comprising 8 members each from the CDEJ and the Advisory Council. It establishes, monitors and evaluates the programmes of the European Youth Centres and of the European Youth Foundation.
Most important – what is expected from YOU as an AC member (according to Johan and IFHOHYP Board):
  • You must have enough (free) time; not only will you attend the AC meetings but also have a lot of email correspondence between the meetings and lot of work by email;
  • You must have very good spoken, written and listening English language skills
  • You must be interested in youth policy, international youth work and activities of the Council of Europe Directorate of Youth and Sports;
  • You must have knowledge of the Council of Europe structure, Directorate of Youth and Sport and its activities. See for more information.
  • You must be interested in raising disability youth concerns in the Advisory Council and representing IFHOHYP as the only international disability youth organisation in the Advisory Council;
  • You must be able to work with/for Advisory Council for 3 years: 2006-2008
It is possible to use palantype and induction loop in the European Youth Centre Budapest where AC meetings are usually held. (It can cost some effort to arrange palantype, though. The Council of Europe has a lack of money and palantype service is very expensive for CoE to provide)

Please see attached an example of a document discussed at the Advisory Council meetings as well as a Newsletter from AC-2005.

Adobe Acrobat document Advisory Council News winter 2005 (size: 186.82 KB) 
Microsoft Word document Report of the second NCC meeting (size: 371 KB) 

If you feel that you meet the criteria for this position, please send us Motivation Letter explaining the reasons why you want to join AC, and your CV in English, before September 17. The IFHOHYP Board will make a final selection and announce the candidate next week.

Thank you!



Microsoft Word document Call for IFHOHYP representation in the AC (size: 34.5 KB)